Hope Christian Church Offers Summer Camp with a Theme

A well-planned curriculum engages children in life's lessons through sports, music and drama.

For the third consecutive year children between the ages of four and 12 will converge at the from July 25-29 to participate in the summer camp coordinated by Winchester's 

The program is a partnering of the local church and the national Uncharted Waters (UW) Sports Ministry. This unique ministry trains college athletes to teach sports to children and to help them develop insights about growing up.

The Hope Christian Church brings talented experts and community members together to teach music, drama and art, and blends all the activities together to revolve around the theme UW has developed for the summer.

Church members Ruth Kim directs art while Michelle Graciano is in charge of the music program.

"Breaking Free," this year's theme uses daily activities, bible stories and stories from actual sports figures to enable children to break free from the things that hinder us explain HCC authorites.

Co-director of the camp, Ruth Chamberlain, notes how involved the children become in the skills taught and the lessons learned.

"It's character building as well as making use of childrens' natural energy and social skills," Chamberlain said. "Each day is structured to include play, discussion and reflection. For example, children learn to break free from blaming others and take steps toward accepting responsibility."

Co-director Aneena Anarth commented about the program's success.

"Parents and children who attended camp last summer are enthusiastic about the program," Anarth said.

Campers can choose among different activities. Art, music, drama, cheering, soccer, basketball, flag football and Team-45, age-approriate instruction for preschoolers are offered.

"There are a lot of distractions in our society that are not going to help children, the hope of Christ and our future. At HCC we are vying for childrens' attention, keeping it local and embedded in community," Chamberlain said.

The camp is in session from 4 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. at a cost of $80. For scholarship information and other details visit their site or call 781-729-5494, ext. 7. 


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