Boston Cupcake Girl Grand Opening at The Chocolate Truffle

Local chocolate and truffle designers are now making cupcakes in Winchester.


If you live in town and have a sweet tooth, take heed! held a grand re-opening on May 3 to launch The Boston Cupcake Girl. Bacci Chocolate Design, which owns and operates The Chocolate Truffle has created Boston Cupcake Girl in their Winchester location on Thompson Street.

“My husband and I love all things sweet,” owner Erin Calvo-Bacci said. “We were following the trends, but our girls (age 11, 9 and 5) love cupcakes. So we mimicked our truffles and chocolate recipes for cupcakes.” Bacci Chocolate has already won awards for their chocolate and truffles and plans to expand their most popular creation in cupcake form.

With flavors like Margaritas, Phantom Pino Noir, Green Monsta, Salt Carmel, Red Velvet, Rasberry, North End Cannoli, Toffee, and Sam Adams, decided which one to go for is a difficult task. They sell for $3.25 a piece, $6.25 for two, and $16.50 for a half dozen.

“Our Winchester location is the perfect place to test the market,” Calvo-Bacci said. “We’re right off of Main Street and in an area of heavy foot traffic. It’s so close to schools, churches and other local businesses. So this seemed like the perfect place to start offering sweet treats to go along with our chocolate and truffles.”

The cupcakes are made daily in the Bacci Chocolate design facility in Swampscott and delivered to the store in limited quantities. These cupcakes are also sold to specialty stores on a national level. Cupcakes are available for deliveries for special occasions like corporate events, birthday parties, showers and thank-you’s.


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