Cheapest Gas in Winchester

A roundup of nearby gas prices from GasBuddy.com.

Gas prices are soaring and commuters are common in Winchester.

We want to help in any way possible, and one way we are doing so is providing the cheapest gas pumps for regular fuel around town for the week.

So before you head out, make sure your tank is full and you are saving every penny you can. 

AAA Fuel Saving Tip of the Week
Excess weight wastes fuel. With the colder weather fast approaching, it’s time to remove leftover beach items from the trunk, and bike racks from the roof.

The following regular unleaded gas prices at nearby gas stations were compiled from GasBuddy.com:

1. $3.81 - Hess Express at 29 Cambridge St. and Pond St.

2. $3.97 - CITGO at 1012 Main St. and Sheridan Circle

3. $3.97 - US-1 Petroleum at 586 Main St. and Winchester Center

4. $3.99 - CITGO at 641 Main St. and Elmwood Ave.

5. $3.99 - Mobil at 643 Main St. and Elmwood Ave.

Check Patch's Commuter Page for the latest updates in local traffic.


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