Mahoney's 'Trees for Troops' Christmas Tree Campaign Begins Veterans Day

Purchase a Trees for Troops tree for $24.50 at any of the eight Mahoney's locations.

Members of the Military and their families make many sacrifices, especially during the holidays. Starting this Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11, show your support and appreciation to an active member and their family, by donating a Christmas tree through the “Trees for Troops” program.

Mahoney’s Garden Centers is again the host of the Trees for Troops program in Massachusetts. To participate in the program, visit any of Mahoney’s eight locations in eastern Massachusetts beginning Nov. 11, and purchase a Trees for Troops tree for $24.50. Special tree cards are available to write a note of thanks or holiday wishes to the family. Or, new this year, call the Mahoney’s Trees for Troops hotline at 781-721-4691 to purchase a tree over the phone.

“We’re very excited about the new Trees for Troops Hotline,” says Paul Waxman, Director of Marketing for Mahoney’s Garden Centers. “Last year we learned that many people would have loved to donate a tree, but where too busy to drive to one of our stores. So now they can just call and charge one on a credit card.”

The simple gesture of buying a tree means so much more to a military family.

A previous recipient, quoted on the Trees for Troops web site, said, “I wanted to thank you deeply for the tree that you gave me and my family for Christmas this year. My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan and I knew that the holidays were going to be especially hard on me and my two children. All of our Christmas things are in storage, so I thought we weren't going to be able to have a tree or any decorations this year. When I found out about Trees for Troops I couldn't have been more excited, because now our holiday will be just a little bit brighter because of your generosity.”

The event ends on Sunday, Dec. 2. Mahoney’s will collect all of the trees and notes, and prepare them for their journey. The Trees for Troops program, in coordination with FedEx, handles the rest. In December, thousands of trees from all over the United States will be delivered to families on 60 military bases, worldwide. 

Last year, Mahoney’s trees were shipped up and down the east coast to Coast Guard Stations, a Navy Station and a National Guard Station. This year, Mahoney’s trees are planned for a similar route, including the Boston Coast Guard Station. 

Visit any one of Mahoney’s eight Massachusetts locations in Winchester, Chelmsford, Tewksbury, Falmouth, Brighton, Osterville, Concord and Wayland, or call (781) 721-4691 between Nov. 11 and Dec. 2 to donate a tree to the Trees for Troops program. Trees come from Mahoney’s-own tree farm in Nova Scotia. They are carefully nurtured and sheared for best shape and density, then cut at the very last moment to ensure the longest lasting tree.


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