Parsons Table Moving to Boston

Owner Chris Parsons said he needs more space and will open a new restaurant in Boston or Cambridge, while closing his Winchester restaurant.

will be closing, most likely at the end of this month, according to restaurant owner Chris Parsons.

“A lot of things went into it,” Parsons said of the decision to close.

It certainly wasn’t lack of business, he added, noting the restaurant is busy and doing great. Instead, he said, it was the need for more space. The small scale of Parsons Table didn’t just limit the restaurant financially, Parsons said, but also put a cap on the creativity of Parsons and the other chefs.

For over a year, Parsons has been searching for a new Boston-area space for Catch, the restaurant Parsons Table replaced. Now that Parsons Table will be closing also, the chef is undecided which concept will fill the bigger space when he finds it.

“My first priority was Catch…but I can’t ignore how well Parsons Table was received,” he said. “In a perfect world, I would love to do both.”

That may happen eventually, but for now Parsons said he’ll let the new space dictate which restaurant will be a better fit. One thing the new space will not be is in Winchester; Parsons is looking at Boston or Cambridge. However, he said, he and his wife will continue to live here in the town where many customers have become friends. 

Vittorio Ettore, the owner of in Medford, is taking over the Parsons Table space. Ettore will bring an “Italian-inspired menu and similar chef-driven values, but with his own touch,” Parsons said. 

“It feels good to leave on a high note here and leave it to a great chef.  It will be exciting to me to see what he does with it,” Parsons said.

Many of the Parsons Table service staff are interested in continuing on at Ettore’s restaurant. Many others hope to join Parsons’ new restaurant when it opens. In the meantime, they plan to spread out to do a variety of things. Chef Nate French has been accepted for a three-month internship at Denmark’s famed Noma restaurant.

Parsons said the closing of his restaurant offers new growth opportunities to everyone on staff. However, he hopes to bring his staff back together under a new roof sometime in the future. 

In the meantime, Parsons will spend his last weeks at Parsons Table thanking his customers. 

“I want to get the message to everyone who comes in just how much we appreciate their support.  Without our customers, we’d have nothing,” Parsons said. 

The unofficial last day for Parsons Table is Saturday, Oct. 29, though Parsons said they may stay open a little longer depending on how long it takes to transfer the restaurant license.


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