Stone Hearth Pizza Moving to Winchester

The pizza place, with shops in Belmont and Needham, will be opening a new location in the Winchester Town Center.

Winchester will have a new restaurant moving to town.

Stone Hearth Pizza, which has locations in Belmont, Needham and Cambridge, will be moving into the storefront vacated by the closing of

T Michaels, which had the largest storefront in town, cited declining sales that forced it to close after 25 years of service to the town.

According to the Stone Hearth website, the restaurant serves, “Neapolitan style, thin crust pizza along with gourmet salads and a hand-picked selection of wine and beer. Our menu is forever evolving, but will always incorporate a healthy blend of premium organic, locally produced, and sustainable ingredients.”

The site went on to say that Stone Hearth Pizza Co. opened in August of 2005 by friends Christopher Robbins and Jonathan Schwarz.

According to Cathy Alexander, Executive Director of the, the landlord notified them last week that Stone Hearth Pizza was moving in.

“Everybody seems to give this restaurant high marks for quality,” Alexander said. “It’s a huge space to fill, and I’m real thrilled they’re moving into the space.”

There is no timetable for Stone Hearth to move in, according to Alexander. She said that there are still permits and licenses that need to be acquired before the restaurant can move forward.

BAV July 27, 2011 at 02:56 PM
Sounds nice, and I am sure I'll try it out. BUT...we already have Pizza Express, Lucia's, Pastaza, Joes, Glorias, and Andreas. Do we need more pizza? Just as much as we need a new realty office!
Erin Calvo-Bacci October 12, 2011 at 06:49 PM
BAV, you just highlighted the new Suburban landscape! At least Winchester has a beautiful walkable downtown with a variety of many wonderful locally owned independent stores. Unfortunately due to the costs associated with owning a business such as all the payroll taxes, restaurants have a better shot at success, especially if they offer alcohol which is where their real profit is and that tax and the meal tax benefit the town. Also, a landlord is more interested in renting the whole space instead of subdividing and restaurants, banks or real estate offices are typically the only tenants who can afford such spaces. The Chocolate Truffle was suppose to go on Main Street in a subdivided space, but then Century Bank offered to take the whole space. At least Century Bank is an independent community bank succeeding in this economy and we LOVE our location on Thompson Street.
BAV October 12, 2011 at 08:28 PM
Erin - I absolutely agree. We just ordered and purchased a book from Book Ends today. No doubt it would have been cheaper to order through Amazon, but we like to support local businesses. Our kids spend most of their money at Nick and Lizzies. And I absolutely plan to spend more of our dwindling supply of money at The Chocolate Truffle. I confess to having a new sense of awe for the hoops through which you have jumped to keep that business going.
Erin Calvo-Bacci October 12, 2011 at 10:23 PM
BAV when you have a chance check out this link from the North Reading Patch: http://northreading.patch.com/articles/buy-local-keep-your-town-alive-to-thrive#photo-7748026 It talks about the Buy Local Campaign and the need to "Keep Your Town Alive to Thrive." Thank you for supporting the local businesses because we are the ones who support the community, but without the community support we will no longer be supportive. Last week my daughter's school held a fundraiser at Barnes & Noble and I asked why aren't we going local to the next town and using Book Ends. At an event at Barnes & Noble the store told us Reading Parents that of the companies flagship stores in the country, the Burlington store is the busiest and Reading spends the top amount there. So I turned to the parents behind me and asked "so what is Barnes & Noble giving back to us?" They might be giving something and I just don't know, but my point was owners such as Judy at Book Ends does a lot for the community and we all need to remember: money spent in the community stays in the community. Thank you so much BAV for connecting to me through Patch and please pass the information on to others!


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