Swizzles Frozen Yogurt Becomes Largest in New England

The Winchester shop is the largest self-serve frozen yogurt chain in the region.

Swizzles Frozen Yogurt has quickly become the largest self-serve frozen yogurt chain in New England with the help of its Winchester shop, according to the News Times.

, where customers can choose from a rotating selection of frozen yogurt flavors, then add their own toppings. New York resident and CEO Adam Kessner said they rotate through about 25 flavors, with 10 on tap at any given time, including six standards that don’t change.

“Living in New York and seeing first-hand the popularity of self-serve frozen yogurt shops, I saw an opportunity in New England to fill this void," Kessner told the Times. "I have chosen specific towns within Southern Connecticut and the Boston, Massachusetts regions which offer spectacular communities filled with young families. Everyone loves it.

"My goal with Swizzles was to offer a place where families can come and truly have an enjoyable and delicious experience."

The and at the start of business there were already 30 customers waiting in line.

"There was a line literally around the corner waiting to get in on our first day and the craziness has not stopped," Kessner told the News Times. "Every time I check the Winchester shop cameras remotely from my Darien, CT office, there are still mobs of people in the shop, 40 days later in the dead of winter. Sometimes it appears that there are nearly 100 kids in the shop when school lets out at 2:30 p.m. In only 40 days, we have had 20,000 customers enter our shop who have enjoyed the Swizzles Experience.”

Lisa February 29, 2012 at 01:37 PM
All I can say is that Swizzles is a *major* treat in our house. The prices are over the top, equalling Carol's Ice cream, which we never went to for that reason. The only difference is that it's frozen yogurt and self-serving, which is unique, plus it's where the young girls like to go, so that's what we're paying for. We'll go and support it, but not regularly.
JT February 29, 2012 at 04:47 PM
It's fun to go and the little kids love being able to get their own servings, but it is an occasional treat because of the cost. We also like "Cups and Cones" that offers both yogurt and ice cream--more variety and a bit better price-wise.
M Gordon March 02, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Cups and Cones really needs to "up their game" if they would like to stay relevant and compete with the new Swizzles. After multiple visits to Cups n' Cones, I have found the service mediocre and the interior pretty worn out. Swizzles feels like a special occasion, where Cups n' Cones does not. I hope they improve their service and interior, otherwise I think Cups n' Cones may be headed towards bankruptcy, even though they are the only ice cream shop in town.


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