A Taste of the Pacific at Taipei Tokyo Cafe

Enjoy something tasty and exotic at this Main Street eatery. If you don't want soda or tea, you can bring your own beer or wine.

Overview: A blend of Chinese cuisine and Japanese Sushi, the menu at Taipei Tokyo Café is both approachable and exotic. If you want to kick things up a notch, Taipei Tokyo allows patrons to bring their own beer and wine to complement their meal.

Decor: A mix of modern and oriental, the open space offers a comfortable dining experience.

Beverages: If you decide not to bring your own beer or wine, you can choose from their modest selection of sodas or an Oolong tea, complete with decorative pot and tea cup, to have with your meal.

Appetizers: Start off your dining experience with some Sushi Bar appetizers like Yellowtail Jalapeno or a Sushi Sandwich. Other non-Sushi appetizers include Scallion Pancakes, Peking Ravioli, Fried Soft Shell Crab, Steamed Edamame and Crab Rangoon. For just $1 during lunch hours, you can add a bowl of Hot and Sour or Miso Soup to your lunch special.

Entrees: Taipei Tokyo has a slew of dinner entrees including meat, poultry, seafood, rice and noodle dishes, as well as platters of sushi and bento boxes. You get a great deal for your money during lunch time where you can order a special for $7 to $8, such as Jumbo Shrimp with Vegetables or General Gau’s Chicken. For a little more, try their Bento Box A with seaweed salad, fried dumplings and mixed sushi. The Woburn location features a buffet during lunch hours.

Sides: If your dish doesn’t come with rice, order some steamed brown or white rice or some sticky sushi rice for only a couple dollars more.

Desserts: If after all that sushi you have some room for dessert, be adventurous and indulge in some Fried Cheesecake or a Red Bean Cake.

Service: Call ahead with your order and you can pick it up or they’ll deliver it to your home in Woburn or Winchester. There is wait service with several tables and booths at the restaurant.

Taipei Tokyo Cafe

318 Main Street


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