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Eagle Scouts Give Back Badges, Medals

Do you think it's going too far?

Eagle badges and medals are being sent back to the Boy Scouts of America to protest its reaffirmation of its policy to not grant membership to open gays, according to a boston.com article.

According to a national blog chronicling the protests, about 150 Eagle Scouts have mailed back their awards as of Sunday.

The Boy Scouts of America have confirmed that medals and badges have been returned, according to the boston.com piece.

“Each year more than 50,000 young men earn the rank of Eagle Scout, totaling to over 2 million,” said Boy Scouts national spokesman Deron Smith. “We don’t have an exact count of medals returned recently, but we have received a few. Although we are disappointed to learn of anyone who feels compelled to return his Eagle medal, we respect their right to express an opinion.”

What do you think? Should gays be allowed to join the Boy Scouts? Should medals and badges be sent back?

Sound in our comments below. 


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