Fox News Anchor Returns to Winchester

Mark Ockerbloom, who was born and raised in Winchester, is now the lead news anchor on Fox 25.

No matter what Mark Ockerbloom does he always seems to end up back in Winchester.

The Fox 25 lead news anchor for the 10 and 11 p.m. shows returned to his hometown. Ockerbloom, who grew up in Winchester and whose parents still live in town, was invited to speak at the weekly meeting of the

“Mark and his family are well-known in Winchester,” said Rotary President, Bob Lord. “In some ways this was a homecoming. It was enlightening to see how he went from the public schools to the career he has now.”

Mark’s father, Richard, was President of the Boston Globe, while Mark was growing up. So, media was something that Ockerbloom was always involved in.

“We would always see the Sunday paper on the kitchen table and my father would always be reading it,” Mark said. “It was always a part of my family.”

But it wasn’t until Mark came back to Winchester, after graduating from Providence College, that he really started his broadcasting career. He hosted a talk show on TV-19, which is currently .

Ockerbloom did a Middlesex League scoreboard and the station won a community television contest while he was there, which just happened to coincide with victory in the 1986 Super Bowl.

Ockerbloom then left Winchester to do radio in Lowell before heading to New Hampshire where he did both sports and sales.

“Something was driving me to be on air,” Ockerbloom said. “That’s what my passion was.”

After spending three years at GIR, a station in Manchester, New Hampshire, Ockerbloom was offered a position to cover sports for television in Oklahoma City. And after spending three years in the Midwest, Ockerbloom was given the opportunity to comeback to the east coast.

“The people in Oklahoma were remarkable and resilient,” said Ockerbloom, who began working at the station shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing. “I went for three years and stayed for six. I had a terrific time and it was a great learning experience, but I always had a calling to comeback.”

After spending three years at NESN, Ockerbloom was offered a position at Fox and is now the featured anchor on the station’s primetime newscasts.

“When I think back to where it all happened, so many different points of my career I always come back to Winchester,” Ockerbloom said. “But no matter what, I always try and go to D’Agostino’s.”


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