Nature Nurtures the Human Spirit

The Middlesex Fells Reservation has preserved a space for a variety of plants, flowers, trees, animals and visitors for well over a century.

Although we may be caught up in another New England storm, or the threat of one, spring's promise of renewal is still a sure thing. The  is a local treasure that fulfills that promise again and again.

Part of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Fells is widely recognized for its biodiversity, its trails and its accessibility. At this time of year visitors may come across any number of vernal pools, where some of its creatures begin their lives. The beauty of its lady slippers, striped wintergreen, wild columbine and the rest of its 600 varieties of plants are vibrant with color and unmatched in their structural design and delicacy.

With over 2,500 acres you may see a white-tailed deer, red fox  or a bald eagle. You might easily sight anyone of its 540 hawks. And then there's the tress - hemlock and oak standing like sentinels bearing witness to the many generations and the many changes the preserve has seen.    

Today the Fells offers trails to walkers, hikers and bikers that range in their degree of difficulty and in the time expected to complete them. There are programs for parents with children, guided tours and volunteer opportunities.

To become familiar with the diversity of life that you will come across, the regulations in place for maintaining the integrity of the land, and other rules that prescribe your use of this shared habitat call the Friends of the Middlesex Fells at 781-662-2340 or log onto www.fells.org. Their site also lists their schedule of planned activities. Other resources include www.mass.gov   and www.FellsBikers.com.     


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