Patch Passport: Jewelers Workshop a Winchester Treasure

The expansive shop offers everything from beads and bangles to low-cost batteries and so much more.

When Beth Jordan first opened her jewelry repair and retail shop in the cozy space at 41 Church Street in 1997 she had no idea how much the demand for her services would grow.

"I loved working with my hands," says Jordan, who owns the . "I liked creating things and restoring older pieces to their former function and beauty. Then I began to extend my expertise to watch making."  

From Church Street where Jordan had merely tools and empty display cases at first, she grew her client base selling fine estate pieces, watches and silver and fashion jewelry in a 400-square feet of space.

In 14 years of operation she expanded to 36 Waterfield Road and then to her present place of business,15 Thompson Street, which contains 2,600 square feet.

"I've gone from one part-time employee to a five-member staff. Clients can shop our handbags, umbrellas, scarfs and beads and still get a battery installed here for $2.99. It's important to me to keep merchandise fresh and appealing while offering affordable prices," Jordan explained.

With clients coming from as far as New Hampshire and Cape Cod and with repair items being shipped to her daily, Jordan seldom slows down. She has started selling a line of clothing she calls Jordan's of Winchester at the far end of the shop.When not in her store she travels to jewelry shows across the country and maintains her profile as a vendor of a variety of affordable goods.

"My best time comes when I'm at the bench creating and repairing," says Jordan. "I fixed things like radios and small appliances since I was a child. Maybe it's a genetic thing. My father and grandmother were the same."

"It's a peaceful occupation," added Jordan. "You bring all your attention to the thing you're holding in your hand. You use your skill and creativity. In the end you see the smile of satisfaction on the face of your client and you know you've done good work."  


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