Readers Pleased With Winchester's Plowing Efforts During the Blizzard

Several readers complimented the Winchester Department of Public Works and the job they did clearing snow-covered roads during the blizzard.

We asked you, our readers, how you would rate Winchester's plowing during the blizzard and one thing is certain: you are proud of the work done by the Winchester Department of Public Works.

Compare and Contrast

Some of the readers compared the job done by Winchester to nearby communities and private contractors, and the consensus was that the town did a better job.

"Winchester DPW are the best in the state. Excellent work!" wrote reader elisa on Winchester Patch.

"Excellent job compared to many surrounding communities!" wrote reader Town Crier.

"I am normally a critic of the plowing job the town does," wrote reader RT. "I must say that with this amount of snow, I doubt that anyone else could do much better."

Reader BAV added, "I was impressed with the work."

Recognizing DPW's Efforts

Reader Paul Manganaro took a moment to acknowledge the work done by the local DPW.

"(Too) often we take some of the simpler things in life for granted. To me having the privilege to live in a community that is full of honest, harding woking and committed public workers and volunteers is a blessing," he wrote. "Winchester like any other town is not perfect but there is no doubt in my mind that the individuals that choose to work for and in our community are second to none and because of there integrity, talent and will we all benefit.

"What we could use as a community are more doers and less Monday morning quarterbacks and once we have more doers we will move forward at a faster pace as one town."

Fellow reader Krystle added, "The guys are still working long hard extra hours. Their efforts aren't done yet. Considering the small size of their workforce, I am both impressed and thankful!"

Opposing Viewpoint

While the majority of readers were pleased with the plowing in town, one reader was not happy with the snow removal work.

"Actually, it was not a good job at all for Winchester, and my neighbor agreed," wrote reader Lisa. "On Sunday night (where they clearly had 24 hours), it was still exceptionally difficult to drive on any 'regular' roads like Church (Street), etc.

"Forget the Flats, it's still bad as of Tuesday morning. In Burlington, the plowers do not get paid until the job is truly complete. Do we do that here? With all the notice they had, I thought there would be a better handling of it. Not a disaster, but a disappointment."

Winchester Storm Center

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