This Week In History: The Problem With Moviegrams

This is a regular column with items drawn from past editions of the Winchester Star.



The Problem with Pond Street

The Winchester Board of Selectmen wanted to fix up Pond Street, but the street is being used by Woburn and Arlington and they did not see why they should do it themselves. The street hadn't been repaired since 1903 and there was a hole that cars were getting stuck in daily. All towns west of Boston and north of Winchester use this street.

New Gas Plant

To meet the astonishing growth of Arlington, Belmont and Winchester, the Arlington Gas Light Co. is to build a brand new gas plant of enormous capacity. The land upon which this shall be built is formerly occupied by American Chrome Co. The cost of this project i $100,000 and the tank shall hold 500,000 cubic feet.



Quotation of the Week

"Relief is gradually becoming an honorable career in America. It is a pretty fair life if you have neither conscience or pride. The state will give mothers a bonus for her illgetitimate children and if she neglects them sufficiently, she can save enough out of her aid to Dependant Children payments to keep herself and her boy friend in gin. And whenthe city fathers of a harrassed community suggest that able bodied welfare clitents might help sweep the streets, liberal editorialists denouce them for their medevil cruelty." Times sure don't change much.


"The one remaining flaw that must be eliminated in order to make the modern movie technically perfect is the fact that, through some optical illusion that the wheels (spokes, etc.) on vehicles always appear to be spinning in the wrong direction."



Zoning Issues Face Town Meeting

A 22-article warrant faces Town Meeting, the focal points being zoning issues and budget. The zoning bylaws call for changing certain parcels of land in Winchester near Conant Rd. off of Cross St. from limited light industrial or concervancy-institutional to multiple family residential. 

Town to Consider $31 Million Budget

"Much of the comming Town Meeting will focus on distributing the town's $31 million budget." The finance committee wants to trim $192,000 from the school's $12 million budget. The issue would be voted on at Town Meeting.


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