Week in Review: Coyote Season and No Override Needed

Check out some of the top stories in Winchester from the past week.

February is coyote breeding season, and with , residents should

After Winchester residents

Town Manager Richard Howard submitted his proposed 2013 budget last week to the Finance Committee and said that . However, according to Howard, while there won’t be an override vote this year, one may be needed in the next year or two in order to prevent service cuts.

Elizabeth Warrern supporters in Winchester donated twice as much than supporters for incumbent Sen. Scott Brown (R) in the fourth quarter of 2011,

For over 30 years the Winchester program has been serving food to Winchester residents.

After 10 years in its current location, is about to Owner Nicole Grant wasn’t actively looking for a new space, but when the chance fell into her lap just before the yoga studio’s current lease was up, Grant decided to take the leap.

Winchester parents who are enrolling their children in the All-Day Kindergarten program will

In a departure from proposals that would raise T fares and slash services to balance the T's budget, the

Secretary of Transportation Richard Davey made the remarks to the Boston Globe.

Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Commissioner Edward M. Lambert Jr. , which include rules about off trail use and a dog-designated area.


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