Reiki Session-Healthfully Personalized and Affordable

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Imagine your own private room during your 1/2 hour Reiki session- unlike any REIKI CLINIC experience. Personalized and affordable.


Think about doing something that benefits you and those around you. As we do all we can do to stay healthy, Reiki allows you to do it naturally, in a most safe. and relaxing way.

                       THE REIKI EXPERIENCE
When you experience a REIKI session, the session is conducted in a private room of the office you visit. You will lie upon a massage table, fully clothed, draped respectfully with a sheet. The lighting of the room will be dim but reflective throughout. There may be music and light aroma in the room that soothes and lulls.

The REIKI practitioner will begin by explaining the seven different energy centers of your body and demonstrate the
touch on these centers. It is in the touching of these energy centers called Chakras that the client receives empowering, healing energy on whatever level needed for the  mind, body and spirit. 
REIKI is practiced by transmitting healing energy through the hands of the practitioner to each of your energy centers. Chakras are centers throughout the body that act like lungs, breathing vital energy into our system and distributing it throughout the body along channels known as NADIS. Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel, and this serves to describe the spinning motion that the Chakras employ to draw this energy into your being. 

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