Your Biggest Fan: Liz Kinchen

Liz Kinchen is the mother of Winchester soccer player Savannah Kinchen.

Liz Kinchen (Parent of Winchester Soccer Player Savannah Kinchen)

Do you like coming to the games?

 I love watching the games. I've been watching her play since kindergarten.

What do you like about the games?

 I love it because she loves it. It's easy to come to the games and watch her play. I see how much she enjoys playing it and I just love watching her; it's a lot of fun. You want to see your kids having fun and to enjoy what they do, and she really enjoys soccer.

Do you enjoy the sport of soccer?

 Soccer's one of the games I like the most. I don't play it myself, but I understand what's going on and it's fun to follow. There's constant action and it's a fun game.

What type of fan are you?

 I'm pretty quiet. Well, pretty quiet except when they score; that's always pretty exciting. I'm not one of those parents that are constantly chatting and yelling, I'm pretty subdued. I just like to watch what's going on.

Do you and Savannah talk about the game afterward?

 We might talk about some of the good plays in the game, either the ones she had or some of the ones someone else made. Sometimes I'll ask how she felt about the game. But I don't interject really with my own opinions. I'll let her talk about the game, and she what she thinks.  


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