Larceny and Several Car Accidents in Winchester

The following information was supplied by the Winchester Police Department.

Jan. 12




9:50 a.m.: A driver heading southbound on Cambridge Street told police that he spilled a drink on his lap. He told police that the next thing he knew, he struck a utility pole and kept going, then struck another. The driver was not injured, but his car was towed from the scene.


Jan. 15


4:08 p.m.: Officers responded to an accident on Robinhood Road and Wildwood Street. A driver struck a utility pole while trying to quell a crying child in the backseat. The driver said she was going about 30 to 35 mph. The collision caused significant damage to the front of the car and deployed the airbags. The child had mild injury marks to his neck from the car seat. The driver had marks from the seatbelt. The woman and child were transported to Winchester Hospital for evaluation. The pole was not damaged.


7 p.m.: Officers responded to a report of a larceny on Swan Road. Officers spoke to the homeowner, who told police that their copper drainpipe was stolen a few weeks ago. Officers determined that it is unlikely someone stole the pipe, as they would have to climb a ladder to disconnect the pipe. There was no visible damage to the gutter or the remaining pipe. The homeowner thought that the pipe had fallen off and was buried under the snow, but there was no sign of it when the snow melted. The homeowner had not had any laborers at the house recently. 

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