News Nearby: Bank Robbery, Cemetery Thefts

A look at some of the top recent headlines from just beyond Winchester.

 obtained an arrest warrant for David Sanchez, 36, of 20 Chestnut St. on the charge of a subsequent offense of distribution of Heroin. The arrest warrant, issued by the Woburn District Court, was the result of an investigation into the distribution of Heroin within North Reading, police said.

Somerville police are seeking to identify a suspect who robbed the  in Davis Square Wednesday afternoon. The suspect was a white male of average build wearing a green T-shirt and black Stanley Cup hat, according to an announcement from Somerville Police. Police later recovered the shirt and hat nearby, the announcement says. According to the announcement, police responded to the bank at around 2:20 p.m. The suspect did not brandish a weapon, and no one was hurt, the announcement says. Davis Square has faced a number of bank robberies in the past year. , at 250 Elm St. in Davis Square, was robbed Aug. 3. Eastern Bank, Sovereign Bank, Citizens Bank and Winter Hill Bank .

After receiving calls on a regular basis from residents who have allegedly had items taken from their loved ones’ grave sites, police have set up cameras in Wildwood Cemetery on multiple occasions with no luck.

But during their latest surveillence efforts, officers lucked out with images of two separate incidents of graveyard theft. Now, Detective Pat Nally wants the community’s help in identifying the parties involved.

“It’s all the principle of the thing,” said Nally. “Whether it’s something worth $2 or something worth $50, these people are putting things out in memory of a loved one. Regardless of the money it’s a personal attack to everyone it happens to.”

Three firefighters and a fire alarm operator have been punished after the Medford Fire Department failed to respond to a 911 call on July 13 that involved a fatality, according to a press release from the city. The fire alarm operator involved contacted three on-duty firefighters through their personal radios, but not with another communications system he was supposed to use, according to the press release, sent out by City Solicitor Mark Rumley. The three firefighters had their personal radio volume too low to hear the dispatch, according to the release.


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