Police: Several Car Accidents and a Disturbance Call

January 1

3:18 p.m.: A driver in the upper parking lot of Winchester Hospital experienced steering problems and collided into two parked cars. No injuries were reported and no citations were issued.


January 2

1 p.m.: A driver reported a hit and run on Easton Street.

6:08 p.m.: A vehicle on Wildwood Street hit a patch of snowy/icy road and hit a telephone pole.

9:20 p.m.: Officers responded to a report of property damage on Richardson Street. A plow truck hit a garage door.

9:23 p.m.: Officers stopped to ask a motorist if they needed help on Wildwood Street. The driver told police that he slid into a telephone pole due to the bad weather. The damage to the car was minor and the driver was unharmed.


January 4

6:21 a.m.: Officers responded to a woman banging on the door of a house on South Border Road.

When officers asked the woman if she was OK, they noticed she was fumbling with her words and could not answer the question. While talking, officers noticed the smell of alcohol on her breath. While the woman searched for her license, officers noticed the woman’s 3-year-old in the back seat of the car, shivering cold. The vehicle was not running in the -4 degree weather while the woman searched for her missing car keys, (which were in the passenger side door lock). The woman told police that the girl woke up vomiting and was suffering from concussion symptoms and maybe suffering from the flu. The woman said she was trying to get her daughter to the hospital, but was lost.

Officers took the girl took the girl to the hospital and towed the vehicle. No criminal charges were filed at this time.


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