Scammer Attempted $2950 Swindle off Winchester Resident

The following information was supplied by the Winchester Police Department.

Officers responded to a report of fraud on Lebanon Street. A caller claiming to be Jack Marshall from the Middlesex County Sheriffs Department told the victim that they owed the federal government $2950 in taxes. The caller said that they needed to pay the IRS in a half hour or an arrest warrant would be issued for the victim and his wife. The caller gave the victim a number to call for instructions.

The victim called the number and spoke to a man who identified himself as “Kevin, of the Federal Crimes Enforcement Division.” “Kevin” told the victim that he and his wife were facing three federal charges for tax crimes because they did not file an IRS Form 61 in 2010. “Kevin” told the victim he could either pay now or be arrested. The victim told “Kevin” he would pay the amount, which had gone up to $2,789.

“Kevin” transferred the call to “Officer Michael Black,” who told the victim to go to CVS and buy a “Federal Government Card.”

The victim told the caller that he used to work for the IRS and was well aware of their policies.   
flaherty January 15, 2014 at 08:48 AM
Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I can only find the 1st half of this story. It seems to end in the middle. I don't see a "read more" option?


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