Stripped Mall – Macy's Mannequin Disrobed in Theft, Police Say

Teenager sees the perfect look on an inanimate model at Mayfair and decides to make his last selection by leaving it naked, according to security guard's account.

It's so important when shopping to know that the clothes you select are going to fit right and look good on you – that's what fitting rooms and mirrors are for.

Or, if you're in rather a hurry, maybe that's what mannequins are for.

A teenager who had already surreptitiously bagged a few items Monday at Macy's in Mayfair Mall grew bold as he concluded his browsing, when he stripped a vest and shirt off a mannequin and headed for the door, according to a police report.

The 17-year-old Milwaukee boy was arrested after a Macy's security officer, who had been watching him from the beginning, stopped him just outside and escorted him back in to await Wauwatosa police.

Just before 5:30 p.m., the security guard, monitoring store cameras, noticed the boy acting furtively and decided to track him, she told police. 

First, the boy took a T-shirt from a clearance display over to a brand name section and set it carefully on top of a neat stack of shirts there — which the watching agent thought strange. He wandered off briefly, then returned and together picked up the clearance shirt and one beneath it and stuck them both in a bag, crouching down to try to avoid being seen.

He now had the guard's full attention as he went to another section, took a pair of black pajama pants off a shelf and put them in the bag.

And finally, to the amazement of the watching officer, he walked up to a mannequin that had a Polo shirt and vest on it, took them off the mannequin and bagged them, too.

The boy headed for an exit but was detained the moment he stepped out. According to the police report, he was cooperative and compliant as he was taken to the loss-prevention office.

The $426.50 worth of clothing he had tried to snag was undamaged and returned to the store for sale.

The boy made no statement, and after he was booked in the Mayfair booking room, police asked for his mother's phone number. He gave them a number, which they called several times with no answer. Eventually, a man picked up and said, "Who the (expletive) is this?" When told it was the Wauwatosa police, he hung up.

Because the boy was also now banned from the mall, the arresting officer walked him out of the mall to the county bus stop and warned him not to return — and to please have his mother call them when he got home.

Jim Price November 20, 2012 at 03:30 PM
You and others who are calling for more stringent penalties may well be right, but you're pointing your fingers the wrong way. Police departments are bound by the criminal justice statutes. They can't throw people in the county jail for municipal violations, they aren't allowed to under the law. If they sent them downtown, Milwaukee County would just send them back, with a reprimand. Talk to your elected lawmakers about making shoplifting a criminal offense with mandatory jail time. They will tell you that there is not room in the jails and prisons as it is. Tell them to build more jails and prisons. They will tell you that will cost you, the taxpayer, a fortune. The argument goes on and on, but in this particular debate, the police are not at fault. They do not make the laws, they enforce them.
Billy Tank November 20, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Mayfair . . . The next Northridge.
Jim Price November 20, 2012 at 04:20 PM
Not a chance, Billy. There is a waiting list of stores wanting to get into Mayfair, still the busiest retail center in the state. Crime at Mayfair is way down since they instituted the Parental Guidance Rule. Lego, a family-oriented company, was thrilled to get a store there. And retail developers are eagerly snapping up properties farther north, at Burleigh, to reap the benefits of the Mayfair magnet.
John Q. Public November 20, 2012 at 06:56 PM
@Jim Price - I enjoyed your measured and rational responses to some of the comments about your article. It's unfortunate that you have to spend your time replying to some posts that are completely untethered from truth and reality. Good thing it wasn't a purely political article or you could spend the better part of your day replying!
Jim Price November 21, 2012 at 12:26 AM
@John Q. Public – If it were a political story, I wouldn't even go near trying to control or correct the factual matter in comments – it would be a full-time job until I was tarred and feathered and ridden on a rail by one side or both. It's all anybody can do on those threads to moderate the vile slanders and eruptions of profanity.


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