Water Restored After Winchester Water Main Break

A water main broke along Cambridge Street Sunday night causing residents to be temporarily without water.

Water has been restored to the 30 homes that were impacted by , Winchester's Water and Sewer Operations Manager, Stephen Swymer said.

Around 9 p.m. on Sunday night, a water main broke along Cambridge Street, in between the Winchester Boat Club and the Arlington border. The (DPW) needed to shut off the water in the area, while they worked on repairing the damaged pipe.

"There was quite a bit of water," said Captain, John Surabian said. "We called the gas company because there was a small odor of natural gas in the area."

According to Swymer, by 4 a.m., the DPW had fixed the leak and turned the water back on.

“By the time we shut off the water it was after 10,” Swymer said. “It was a good time to happen for the residents because people were either done using water for the night or were away. We didn’t get too many calls because of no water.”

Residents in the affected area, around 47 Cambridge Street, can use the water without concern, according to Swymer.

“There are no issues with the water,” Swymer said. “Residents can drink the water; we’re back up and running.”

The needed to use sandbags to prevent water from spilling into the homes, according to Surabian.

"The first plan of action was to divert the water from the homes," Surabian said.

According to Swymer, the water main break was most likely caused by old age.

“These pipes are old and weak and sometimes they just split,” Swymer said.

The DPW will be along Cambridge Street cleaning up the mud and dirt from the road, and according to Swymer, the road should be repaired either later today or by tomorrow.


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