Winchester's 10 Biggest Police Stories of 2011

The 10 police stories that had Winchester talking.

Winchester is not known for criminal activity, but, as with anywhere, a fair share of arrests are made each year.

And as we approach the New Year this weekend, we'll be bringing you a series of yearly wrap-up features highlighting some of the most interesting and exciting stories from this year in Winchester. 

To start, we'll focus on how busy of a year it was for the

Here are 10 of the top police/crime stories in Winchester from 2011:

1. – Mkrtitch Elmezian, 22, of Swanton St. was arrested and charged with armed robbery and Karl Miller, 20, of Oxford Street was arrested and charged with larceny of a motor vehicle and car jacking. According to police, Elmezian allegedly placed Internet ads for several cars in various communities, but potential buyers reported to police that they had a “bad feeling” about the transactions. Elmezian and Miller, reportedly, would steal the cars from the sellers.

2. – The suspended two members of its police force for their actions on the night of Aug. 6. The Boston Herald reported that on Aug. 6, the commuter rail pulled into Wedgemere Station, and the conductors to break up a fight on the train. Four Winchester officers responded to the station, but according to the Herald, the officers failed to board the train to deal with the situation.

3. – On her way home from school, a 12-year-old Winchester girl was a attacked by a man in a grey hoodie. The man jogged past her and then tried to pull her shorts down, according to police.

4. - Frederick Graham, III, of Woburn pulled into  and urinated in the parking lot, before driving away. He was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

5. - Emir Ikanovic of Everett was arrested and charged with breaking and entering after he allegedly broke into a Surrey Road residence while a nanny and a four-month-old child were in the home.

6. – The on Main Street was held up at gunpoint on June 15. was placed on lock down as a precaution.

7. - A Fenwick Road resident walked in on a home robbery on Monday, August 15. The woman, along with two of her neighbors, chased the man out of her home and down Fenwick Street.

8. – On July 15, 29-year-old, Laura Conti, of Winchester, struck an 11-year-old Waltham girl with her vehicle.

9. - Jonathan Noble Schopper, 23, of 58 Richfield Road in Arlington and Michelle Trentor, 24, of 1326 Massachusetts Ave. in Arlington were arrested and charged with receiving stolen property and breaking and entering during the daytime with the intent to commit a felony on Saturday, August 13. The pair may have been responsible for over over a

10. - Alexander Gala, 17, of Wildwood St. in Winchester, was arrested and charged with armed robbery and assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon (metal bug spray can) causing serious bodily injury on Wednesday. Police said the victim told officers at the time that he planned to buy marijuana from another man. The suspect allegedly hit him and sprayed him with bug spray, at the same time stealing the victim’s wallet and car ignition key.


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