Capital Planning Discusses Future Projects

Improvements to the Transfer Station, as well as Leonard Field, could be in store for the town in the future.

Other preliminary issues raised by the Capital Planning Committee towards the end of the meeting were those regarding Board of Selectmen projects. The first was $700,000 to fix flooding in the Mills Pond Dam Sluice Gate, which the Board recommended.

They discussed the possibility of spending $1,200,000 for Transfer Station improvements to the recycling center which the Board was supportive of, but saw no way to fund the project based on cost this year, and rather, advised a multi-year plan involving lower costs.

There is need to spend $135,000 for Leonard Field maintenance. The Board stated this was a key priority and recommended the funding for 2013.

And very briefly, the Board talked about the fact that a Thornberry/Squire Road water/sewer works plan was in order as flooding and drainage has been an issue for years. The Board stated that they would like to begin plans for a project to fix the problem this year.


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