Franken to Dems: Ignore Your Families, Pound Pavement for Warren [VIDEO]

The SNL alum turned U.S. Senator riled up a highly partisan crowd Friday, Oct. 18 in Lexington, where he and local politicians hit on economic and environmental concerns in support of Elizabeth Warren.

Politics are no laughing matter, but with little more than two weeks remaining before the Nov. 6 elections, Massachusetts Democrats looked for a shot in the arm from the so-called “clown” of the Democratic Party, Al Franken, the former SNL cast member turned U.S. Senator from Minnesota.

Franken was in Massachusetts Oct. 19 to support , the Republican incumbent, in a tight race many politicos expect will have ramifications far beyond the Commonwealth’s borders. And the stumping stopped here in Lexington Friday afternoon, as Franken and U.S. Rep Ed Markey joined a few more familiar faces to address an overflowing Depot building.

There were jokes aplenty, for sure, but the message was a serious one, and the importance of this race—between Brown and Warren—for Democrats, resonated in all remarks delivered before a highly partisan crowd.

Hanging in the balance is not just one seat representing one of the nation’s bluest states, but also the future of the environment, middle class, Supreme Court and several key committees, the speakers said.

“Once again it all comes down to Massachusetts; would you want it any other way?” said Markey. “Many people are saying, ‘How big is this race?’ Well, let’s be honest. We are at one of those turning points in history, and this race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren could determine which party controls the United States Senate.”

To “oohs” and “ahhs” from the crowd, Markey went through the committees appointments that could be affected by the Brown-Warren race, including the Judiciary Committee, the Commerce, Energy and Natural Resources and the Environment and Public Works.

While the environment was a big focus, and Franken also spoke about the impacts this race could have on the economy, calling Warren a “siren” for the “squeeze of the middle class,” and the Supreme Court.

“We need someone from Massachusetts who knows that there’s a difference between [Justice Antonin] Scalia and [Justice Sonia Sotamayor,” said Franken, riffing on Brown's muddled response during a recent debate. “And that [Justice Elena] Kagan is much more like Sotamayor than Scalia. Elizabeth, I hope is on Judiciary.”

In closing, Franken, who won his seat by just 312 votes in 2008, implored Warren supporters to hit the streets in support of their candidate, even joking that it’s OK to forget about their jobs and families because kids are resilient and 8-year-olds can not only use microwaves, but can teach 4-year-olds how to use them.

“Massachusetts is not going to control who goes to the White House,” Franken said. “But we need to hold the Senate, we do know that, and that is within your control.”

Also speaking at the event were state Rep. Jay Kaurman, D-Lexington, state Sen. Ken Donnelly, D-Arlington, and state Senate candidate Mike Barrett, D-Lexington. 

John Natale October 22, 2012 at 03:24 AM
No wonder Franken was a clown on SNL. He is still a clown. How nutty to suggest that good Democrats call in sick or otherwise don’t show up for work but instead “pound the pavement” for the election of Princess Spreading Bull! Just who is he talking to? Certainly no one lucky enough to have a job in this awful Obama economy is also foolish enough to risk their job by calling in sick ( unless, of course, he/she is a government employee). And if Warren is elected, what will she do about creating jobs, except perhaps advocate for more Solyndras and for an additional 99 weeks of unemployment checks. As for Franken’s utterly irresponsible remark about leaving the kids alone,– i.e., that while “pounding the pavement” parents should forget about the garbage of violence and sex their children are watching on TV and ignore the attention and help they may need with homework – is exactly the wrong priority. Political activism is a good thing, but not when the price is neglect of one’s children. Franken is right that the Brown-Warren contest is crucial to the control of the senate and of important committees, esp. Judiciary, Energy, Armed Services, Finance… That’s why I’m voting for Brown. If Warren wins, a fitting irony and joke would be her appointment to the Ethics Committee; which is why I’m not voting for her. John Natale
paul surette October 23, 2012 at 10:30 PM
John, when I first learned that Franken was elected, I couldn't stop laughing. It tells me that people actually have a sense of humor, to elect a dope like that. What's frightening to me is that while he won, it was only 300 plus votes, which tells me there are even bigger dummies out there that took this guy serious in the first place. If you read between the lines of his stump, even he smells defeat for Obama & friends, so the Dems need to block the incumbent Brown in order to regain control of the house. But if I was Warren, I would have told Ed Markey I didn't need Al Franken of all people to come stump for me. It shows me that Miss Warren has reached desperation mode, and that's a good sign for the Republicans. So take solace in what transpired, because I sure did!


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