Georgountzos Calls For Public Debates with Lewis

An open letter shows where Challenger George Georgountzos' staff requests three debates with Incumbent Rep. Jason Lewis.

State Rep. Candidate George Georgountzos is calling for a public debate with Incumbent Rep. Jason Lewis.

Paul MacDonald, campaign chair for Georgountzos, sent a letter to Lewis' staff proposing a series of three debates that are open to the public, unlike the recent debate with Democrat candidate John DePinto, .

Georgountzos won the Republican primary as he was unopposed.

"We propose a true Lincoln-Douglas style debate where a moderator leads a group of reporters from the local papers with posing questions to the candidates, offering the candidates the opportunity to rebut one another, and to make opening and closing statements," MacDonald said in the letter.

MacDonald asks Lewis to consider Randy Perillo of KnowOurTown.com in Stoneham to moderate the proposed debate held in both Winchester and Stoneham as he is a mutual friend of both candidates.

Both candidates are expected to participate in a Day at the Races debate sponsored by the Winchester League of Women Voters. However, at this event questions are pre-screened and presented by League members.

The letter also proposes an open forum-style debate to be held in either town where the public can ask any questions they would like. He suggests it can be moderated by either town managers or town moderators. MacDonald explained this style will allow residents to get a better look at the candidates as they have the opportunity to truly explain their views.

"We do not think that a single debate that lacks public participation will provide enough of an opportunity to Jason and George to adequately present their views of how they would best serve Winchester and Stoneham," MacDonald wrote.

See the full letter in the attached PDF.

JT September 13, 2012 at 03:43 PM
What a refreshing idea! Let the residents that these two candidates want to represent ask unfiltered questions directly of the candidates. That's a debate I want to attend!
JT September 14, 2012 at 12:10 AM
What a refreshing idea! Let the voters who are going to represented by one of these two candidates ask them unfiltered questions about the issues that most concern the residents of these two towns. That's a debate I want to attend!


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