High School Override Passes in Tuesday's Election

The override for the new high school in Winchester passed by 5,098 votes to 2,402.

The $129.9 million project will cost the town $85 million, and the state would pay $44.5 million through the Massachusetts School Building Authority partnership.

The town has documented issues with mold and leaks as well as issues with accessibility. Officials and School Committee members have noted that the roof is 10 years past its life and that expansion is crucial given the project 200 students coming into the already crowded facility.

DonnaD December 11, 2013 at 11:37 AM
I have to comment from a proofreading point of view. I'll ignore the fact that 5,098 has a comma and 2402 doesn't. But what is "The project $129.9 million dollars will cost the town $85 million dollars"? That sentence does not make any sense. And have a dollar sign and the word dollars is redundant. What is "mold, mildew and must"? And what about the infrastructure has forced the town to consider the largest fiscal undertaking in Winchester history? Does that sentence even have the correct subject-verb agreement, and what about a semi-colon instead of a comma? This is a serious issue and a significant vote. The coverage should be equally serious.


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