Letter: Support Rick Green for Chairman of State Republican Party

Robert Aufiero of the Melrose Republican City Committee calls for support of Rick Green as the next chairman of the state Republican Party.

[Editor's note: The following is a Letter to the Editor submitted by Robert Aufiero of the Melrose Republican City Committee.]

This week, the State Committee of the Massachusetts Republican Party will vote for a new chairman. I am voicing my support for Rick Green of Pepperell, Mass.

I encourage our local State Committeeman Scott Conway and State Committeewoman Brittany Carisella to do the same. If you live in Melrose, Malden, Stoneham, Wakefield, Reading, or precincts 1, 2, 3, 8 of Winchester, you are part of the 5th Middlesex State Senatorial district. Please call our state committee members and ask them to vote Rick Green to be the next chairman. You can find their contact information on the Massachusetts Republican Party’s website.

This is the third race for party chairman since January 2009. Everyone paying attention to state politics agrees that Republicans have had little success electing candidates in the last six years. An exception to that was in 2010, when we were able to double the number of Republican State Representatives. However, ask any freshman representative and they will tell you that an independent effort of grassroots organizers helped get them into office. Furthermore, of all the contested races that year, it was that handful of candidates who ran that were able to get in.

Right now the party needs a chairman who will be responsive to the needs of the local town committees across the state. More importantly, we need someone who will make it a priority to elect candidates to municipal and legislative office. Rick Green is a small business owner. He has people working for him and he has customers who he is responsible to. He knows and understands how important it is to make payroll, take care of his workers and put out a quality product to his customers. Rick is someone that everyone can relate to, whether or not you’re a candidate or volunteer activist.

So please call our State Committee members. Ask them to vote for Rick Green as the next Chairman of the state Republican Party. It does not matter if you are a Republican, Independent or Democrat who thinks we need a little more balance in the concentration of political power in Massachusetts. You can still call or email our State Committee members and ask them to cast their vote for Rick Green.

Robert Aufiero

Melrose Republican City Committee


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