Malden Rep Vying for 5th District State Senate Seat

By Mark Ouellette

Malden resident and State Rep. Christopher Fallon is vying for the State Senate seat left vacant by Melrosian and former Sen. Katherine Clark after she was elected to Congress in December 2013.

Check out Fallon's candidate profile below:

Christopher G. Fallon


 49 Dexter St., Malden, MA  02148

 BS from Merrimack; MS, University of Lowell; JD Suffolk Law School

Wife-Cathy; daughter-Sarah

Military Service: 
USNR; Honorable Discharge; March 1981

t Experience (i.e. boards served on): Judiciary, Veterans and Financial Services Committees primarily.

Why have you decided to join the race for State Senate?

I believe in public service. My father was a police officer in Malden, my grandfather was a police officer in Melrose. My grandmother was the first police matron in the City of Malden. My brother Tom was Mayor of Malden. I am truly dedicated to and passionate about public service. As a State Senator, I sincerely believe that the ability to make change and help our veterans, our teachers, our public safety employees, etc. and those individuals who unfortunately need help to deal with life's vagaries, can be better accomplished in the Senate than in the House. Why? Primarily because there are only 40 State Senators as opposed to 160 Representatives.
What skills do you bring to the table if elected as the next State Senator? 

Nearly 18 years as a State Representative. Eight years as a Malden School Committee member. Four years as a public high school teacher. Thirty-one years as an attorney. Most importantly, my upbringing as a lifelong Malden resident and therefore being very familiar with this Senate District. 

What are three issues facing the district that you'd like to improve?

1) Additional revenue for all our public schools (Chapter 70), and especially regarding the building of new facilities for the children. 

2) Similar to increasing the funding for our public school facilities, the Commonwealth must address our decaying facilities for police and fire departments. 

3) Transportation/MBTA reform to generate funding throughout the district thereby facilitating for all residents the ability to get to and from work, and therefore, also resulting in addressing some significant environmental concerns.

What issues facing Malden do you think you can help make a difference in? Please explain

In addition to the above issues, Malden also must continue to address the homelessness issue. Like the other towns and cities in the district, Malden, the home of Mystic Valley Elder Home Services, needs additional assistance. from the State for housing to benefit our every growing senior population. I have the voting record to show that these concerns, as they pertain to Malden, have been addressed and will continue to be prioritized.

Why should voters vote for you?

I am a very proud Democrat that refuses to be stereotyped as conservative, moderate, or progressive. My voting record indicates I vote the issue first, not the politics. My independence I respectfully believe has sincerely benefited the people of Malden, and hopefully soon, individuals throughout the District. Additionally, I have lived nearly my entire life in Malden. I know this district better and far longer than any other candidate for this seat. My political career has been one of transparency, hard work, and the ability to work with individuals of different philosophical opinions and political affiliations. Lastly, I truly care about helping people and improving the quality of life for those I am honored to represent.


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