Where Are the Worst Potholes in Winchester?

This is an early year for potholes. “The weather we’re getting now is what we usually get in March,” Department of Public Director Jay Gill said.

“We’re getting this far earlier than we anticipated. The warm weather, cold weather, rain causes our potholes. We’re probably going out there three times a week. We’re lucky though. Instead of doing cold patches, there’s a plant that does real hot tar, but you can’t get a lot because it gets cold quickly. Sometimes you’re going back to potholes you’ve already filled.”

Potholes are caused by the shift in warm and cold weather, so New Englanders are doomed to face potholes on an annual basis. “We’re doomed to face them every year, it just so happens that we’re dealing with them earlier this year. We usually don’t have them like this until early March,” Gill said.


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