Who is Running For Office in Winchester in 2013?

Check out the finalized list of the names that will appear on the March 26 town ballot.

Check out the finalized list of names that will appear on the March 26 town ballot:

Contested Races

School Committee (Two seats for three years):                                   

  • Christian D. Nixon
  • Brian A. Vernaglia
  • Susan Verdicchio  
  • Michael P. Galvin    

Non-Contested Races                                            

Moderator (One position for one year):

  • John J. Sullivan  

Selectmen (Two seats for three years): 

  • Lance R.Grenzeback                                                 
  • James A. Johnson, III                                                                         

Assessor (One seat for three years):

  • David P. Errico                                                  

Board of Health (One seat for three years):                                  

  • David W. Heinhold

Planning Board (One seat for three years):                                  

  • Drew Bottaro            

Planning Board (One seat for one year):

  • Jerome Garciano                                               

Trustees of the Board of Library Trustees (Two seats for three years):  

  • Jon French
  • Elizabeth D. Cooper

Housing Authority (One seat for five years):                                  

  • Stephen J. Anderson

Housing Authority (One seat for three years):                                    

  • Brenda O. Kleschinsky

Town Meeting Members

The town of Winchester has eight precincts with eight positions up for election each year, reads the town website. Each term is a three-year term except where a vacancy exists, according to the site.

Precinct 1:
1. Shelley Ayervais
2. Denis Collet 
3. John Orrall 
4. John Quealy 
5. Rachel Roll 
6. Nathan Rome 
7. Shephali Sardinha 
8. William Thorpe 
9. Bryn Buck 

Precinct 2:
1. Dexter Cronin 
2. Catherine Curtis 
3. Jeffrey Dean  
4. Edward Levesque
5. Julie O'Connor 
6. Jill Shay
7. Patricia Toro 
8. David Ulwick 
9. Thomas Cafarella 

Precinct 3:
1. Janet Boswell 
2. Drew Bottaro 
3. C. David Carlson 
4. John Clemson 
5. Bennet Heart 
6. John Kilborn 
7. Richard MacNeille 
8. Mary McKenna-Sullivan 
9. Alexander Dimatteo, III 

Precinct 4:
1. James Ferguson 
2. Jeffrey Hannon 
3. William Andrew Lang 
4. Roger Marian 
5. Michelle Prior 
6. Peter Scapicchio
7. Robin Wolf 
8. James Woodard 
9. Aimee Murdock Burke 

Precinct 5:
1. Mark Andersen 
2. Elizabeth Brodbine-Ghoniem 
3. Michael Litchfield 
4. William Miller 
5. Virginia Rueter 
6. Stanley Wyrwicz 
7. Vacancy available for write-in 
8. Vacancy available for write-in 

Precinct 6:
1. Joseph Abate 
2. Nils Gjesteby 
3. Francis Jackson 
4. Jack Lemenager 
5. Francis MacDonald 
6. Karen Maruyama 
7. Karren Silver Nys 
8. Donato Berardi 

Precinct 7:
1. R. Michael Cassidy 
2. Sara Fascetti 107 
3. Karl Fryzel 
4. Mary Ellen Rourke-Falvey 
5. Vanessa Linsey Gobes 
6. Michael Walsh 
7. Vacancy available for write-in 
8. Vacancy available for write-in 

Precinct 8:
1. Benjamin Black
2. Nicholas Bogovich
3. John Giubilo 
4. Diab Jerius 
5. Roger Michelson 
6. Daniel Wentworth 
7. Michael Fiorenza 
8. Vacancy available for write-in 

Precinct 8: Two-Year Vacancy
1. Vacancy available for write-in 


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