VIDEO: Jubilation Singers Perform at McCall Middle School

The Jubilation Singers performed a number of holiday tunes.

 The holiday spirit was in the voices of some 30 young adults, as the Jubilation Singers performed their second annual holiday review in the auditorium. The singers had costume changes, lavished sets, choreographed dance numbers, and of course, plenty of holiday tunes.

"The kids worked really, really hard for this, rehearsing two or three times a week for the past few months to prepare," said Musical Director, Joel Buford. "It's all three and four part harmonies which is really advanced for this age with a lot of a capella. They have been doing tons of outreaches performances throughout Boston to prepare for the show, and as always, the parents have been great."

One of those outreach performances was singing an in Boston for the Burn Victims Ward.

Two of the devoted parents Buford mentioned are Choreographer Judith Whitney who Buford said did a "wonderful job" teaching the kids to stay in unison. Another name mentioned was script writer for the show, Erin Madden, who Buford said did an, "excellent job."

"It's been a big deal," said Buford, "we've never done anything like this."

"It's a lot of fun, because it's a different style concert then we are used to with the costumes and the piano playing and the solos," said Captain of the Chamber Singers, Karole Alexander, who had of one of the two special guest groups preforming along side the Jubilation Singers, the other being the Octets.

"I think it's a really good twist on what us and the McCall singers usually do."

The show had over 20 different numbers, many tunes being melodies that were arranged specific for the show which blended several holiday songs into one routine. Some of the songs the singers preformed were: a Jingle Bell Rock Medley, Feliz Navidad, Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, O' Holy Night, Walking in a Winter Wonderland, and a slew of other Christmas classics.

Before and after the show, volunteer and mother of one of the singers, Eleni Carayannopoulos, headed a fund raising bake sale in order to accrue money for next years concert and pay back all the parents who gave money to see the show come together.

Be sure to watch the video of the singers perform one of their songs.


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